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Our Wellness and Healthy Balance Center introduces a multidimensional concept to an overall healthy Mind-Body and Beauty for women who are looking for an alternative to non-medical, non-surgical modern approach to revitalize and rejuvenate their health and their absolute beauty.

Brain-Skin Connection


The secret to youthfulness and living a longer happier life is a peaceful positive mind. There is a clear connection between the mind, aging, and our skin condition. 

Our center’s comprehensive programs are based on the science of Psychophysiology (Interaction between Mind and Body) using powerful modern technology in Brain mapping ,Biofeedback, Ultrasound and Ultra light facial therapy as well as our Plant Stem Cell Herbal Therapy based on the science of Gemmotherapy to keep your mind healthy and balanced, your body fit and energized, and your skin looking younger and healthier as you age.

Our weight loss program and belly contouring system is proven, safe, and effective. For you convenience in addition to our clinic we also provide 

 in-home/in-your office program


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We at Wellness Healthy Balance Center believe women are beautiful in anyways by just being a woman. Get in touch with your inner and outer feminist side by taking care of your god given natural beauty. Beauty in woman is kind of a flower which needs to be flourished to a stunning flower. Thus, it is vital for us women to be dedicated to ourselves to look extra fine empowering our passion and attraction in all around us.



Our experienced team set the highest standards in women health and beauty and aim to exceed your expectations.  We will conduct a thorough consultation and explain your options and suggestions to make sure that you are satisfy with your health and beauty enhancement plan. 

             Eating Disorders Linked to Brain

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Our healthy body programs address not only the physical body and diet but also the mental and emotional aspects that interfere with your weight management goals. The absolute success in keeping a healthy weight comes with balancing your mind/brain before balancing your body.



Put your mat away and give your neck and back a rest. “Standing abs-core exercises work more muscles than crunches.” While sit-ups and crunches only work superficial surface muscles, our standing core exercising strengthen deep core muscles and burns excess fat from inside out.

Our 5 step program gives you a very specific, individualized direction, tools and support that expose the secrets of weight loss in an objectively systematically approach.

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Revolutionary twenty-first century approach to health care that includes a wide range of behavioral and lifestyle interventions


Ultraslim weight loss and health center introduces the concept of  mind-body science based in clinical psychophysiology, biofeedback, core exercising, and nutritional integrated care as a powerful healthy weight loss approach that differentiate our center and programs  from others. Recognizing that common problems in maintaining a healthy weight may relate to functional disorders or chronic disorders, exacerbated by unhealthy life-style, situational stress, and psychosocial factors we create an individualized life-style change program for a leaner and healthier you.    

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