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Facial Tone Up

The key to looking radiant and youthful is maintaining your natural beauty by taking care of your skin. We offer a number of facial products that will erase damage and tighten your skin, leaving you with an ageless, dewy look and feel. 

Psychophysiological Approach

Health & Nutrition

Recognizing that common problems in maintaining a healthy weight may relate to Brain and Body functional disorders  exacerbated by unhealthy life-style, situational stress, anxiety, and other psychological factors we create an individualized life-style change program for a leaner and healthier you.



 We offer a range of weight loss and nutritional programs that can enhance your healthy life style. Looking and feeling great. 

Your Beauty Starts Here...

Your Health Begins Here...


You can choose to go through a painful/expensive surgery for liposuction or our alternative cost effective and relaxing safe belly contouring programs to remove the excessive fat from your belly. Either way the fat removal technology is not permanent unless you learn to maintain a healthy life style. Proper nutritional and directive belly core exercising system is the key in maintaining your new toned belly after our belly fat removing treatment. We can help you to improve your eating habits and support you in keeping a balanced diet. Our professional health care providers will put you in the right track and show you how effortless you can keep your body toned and in a great shape after our belly and weight loss program. 


 Postpartum depression does not have a single cause, but likely results from a combination of physical and emotional factors. After childbirth, the levels of hormones (estrogen and progesterone) in a woman’s body quickly drop. This leads to chemical changes in the brain that may trigger mood swings and uncontrollable weight gain. Our health care professionals are here for help and support. 


Get on a path to a healthier you. A large body of research has demonstrated the association of common mental health/psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, stress, and eating disorders with controlling body weight. These same psychological concerns can impair individuals' ability to successfully complete a healthy weight management intervention. We at UltraSlim provide a complete mind, body "psychophysiological" support and treatments as part of our weight management program.


Our weight loss programs and beauty products will make sure you maintain your wellness and beauty all around. 

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